Treaty of Tlatelolco

Comisión Preparatoria para la Desnuclearización de la América Latina (COPREDAL)

Preparatory Commission for the Denuclearization of Latin America (COPREDAL)

Text of the Treaty

The Treaty of Tlatelolco prohibits the development, acquisition, test and deployment of nuclear weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean; it consists of the preamble with its objectives, a Control System to ensure its compliance and two Additional Protocols aimed at extra-regional States, including the nuclear-weapon States.

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Zone of Application

The Zone of Application of the Treaty of Tlatelolco is the sum of all the territories of the Latin America and the Caribbean countries. The extension of the Zone of Application is greater than 20 million square kilometers, including high seas areas, inhabited by a population of over 600 million people.

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During the Cold War, the Latin American and Caribbean States perceived that the intrusion of nuclear weapons would turn the region in target of possible nuclear attacks and fatally would incite a ruinous arms race. Consequently, the States of the region began a negotiation process that culminated in the adoption of the Treaty of Tlatelolco.

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