The Committee on Contributions and Administrative and Budgetary Matters (CCAAP) was established by resolution CG/Res.106 (V), adopted on 21 April 1977 by the General Conference.

Currently, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Jamaica and Mexico are CCAAP Members.
The Finantial Regulations, in its Article 11, establishes that the Committee will have, among others, the following functions:

To assist the Secretary-General in the execution of the provisions of these Regulations and in achieving compliance with the following functional duties:

  • Preparing the programme Budget that the Secretary-General shall submit to the General Conference in accordance with regulation 2.02 of these Regulations;
  • Formulating the Scale of Assessments of Members States’ Contributions as provided in regulation 2.02.7 of these Regulations;
  • Determining specific expenditures or expenditures not provided for in the Budget, as established in Article 4 of these Regulations;
  • Negotiating with Member States that are in arrears in the payment of their financial contributions to the Agency in order to agree on the terms, conditions and dates on which unpaid financial obligations shall be covered in accordance with regulation 5.05 of these Regulations;
  • Setting priorities in implementing the Agency’s Budget approved by the General Conference pursuant to Article 4;
  • Suggesting a candidate to the General Conference to serve as External Auditor in accordance with regulation
    13.01; and
  • Analysing the annual evaluation presented by the Secretary-General to the Council in accordance with regulation 10.04.

On 26 November 2015, the General Conference adopted Resolution CG/Res.06/2015 by which the most recent amendment to the Financial Regulations was adopted.